• About Us
    Who We Are:
  • We are health professionals dedicated to delivering Healthcare solutions in an eco-responsible way. Did you know that in North America: hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and other health facilities generate several million pounds of garbage each year? How do we make an impact? We need to change the way we healthcare professionals deliver services.
  • Our Mission
    Strive To Provide
  • Our Mission, Vision and Goal for Ecohealth:
  • The EcoHealth Mission:

    EcoHealth Resources & Wellness Centre is a health and wellness channel for sharing information and services to help people of all ages live vitally, sustainably and independently.

  • The EcoHealth Vision:

    All people living in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area live well and worry free.

  • The EcoHealth Goal:

    Our goal is to offer professional knowledge, expertise, education and care (if needed) to people of all ages in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Our efforts are intended to help people live well and worry free by making positive choices about their health and small changes to life habits that can influence wellness

  • Meet The Team:
  • We are a group of health and business professionals with more than a combined 40 years of healthcare experience. Our team includes registered nurses, registered practical nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, pharmacists and nutritionists.
  • Our licensed specialists undergo regular reviews and evaluations of how they serve our clients.
  • Your health and wellness is in capable hands with EcoHealth:
  • As we believe information is the first defence against illness, we conduct regular workshops, clinics and symposiums to discuss what is pertinent to our clients.
  • Our event planners create relaxed, comfortable environments where we share evidence-based research with our clients and their families.
  • About the founder of EcoHealth and why EcoHealth was formed:
  • EcoHealth was founded by Bridget Lawrence, a nurse by profession. She has more than 19 years’ experience in community care and in hospitals in various areas such as palliative care and rehab nursing.
  • While working within the system, Bridget recognized some gaps and wanted to help by finding cost-effective solutions.
  • She had noticed people came into the hospital most times to be cured. Many had been experiencing extreme discomfort for a long period of time. Bridget also saw increased incidents of obesity among adults and youth. More people appeared to be experiencing chronic pain and she recognized their need to live sustainably in their homes, independently.
  • Bridget knew she wanted to help people take control of their health and well-being to prevent illness, reduce pain, and minimize a dependency on care. She began additional research to discover how environment affects health and wellness.
  • As a health professional, Bridget recognized that there is conflicting healthcare and medical information. Her vision was to create an organization that worked with community organizations to promote wellness and help people maintain good health. This would also help reduce strain on the healthcare system.
  • She founded EcoHealth, a not-for profit organization that partners a healthcare professional with each client, helping them to co-manage their health. The organization also offers workshops, clinics and symposiums to help people prevent the onset of more serious illnesses or medical concerns.
  • Thus EcoHealth was formed….to help people in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area live well and worry free.
  • Privacy Policy:
  • EcoHealth Resource & Wellness Centre is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit our website.
  • Collecting personal information:
  • We collect your personal information, like name, phone number or e-mail address when you give it to us through fax or e-mail or by registering on the secure portion of our site. This information is used to fulfill the services you request from us.
  • Using personal information:
  • Your personal information may be used by EcoHealth personnel in the delivery of authorized services to you. It is not disclosed to individuals outside the organization.
  • We do not share, sell or disclose your personal information except for when you authorize us to while delivering care.
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