• Welcome, we are your gateway toward wellness.

    Our group of healthcare professionals team up with you and focus on you, bringing solutions that help you optimize your health and your well being.

    Our trained medical and care professionals bring you the knowledge, skill, evidence-based research and expertise to help you make informed decisions and choices about how to manage and optimize your health. Our business and care professionals can help you make positive life changes so you can live well and worry free.

    We can help you:

    • 1. Navigate the health care system to access specialists and make informed decisions.

    • 2. Stay current about what practices will improve and restore your quality of life.

    • 3. Track your health and wellness.

    • 4. Identify things in your environment that could be hindering your well being.

    • 5. Stay healthy, identify often overlooked symptoms, prevent illness and optimize your health by adopting health and wellness practices.

    • 6. Live independently, longer.

    Our services may:

    • 1. Prevent you from becoming ill.

    • 2. Reduce medical costs.

    • 3. Decrease visits to the hospital.

    • 4. Extend the time between living independently and living in care facilities.

    • 5. Ease your worries and those of your family.

    Eco-Health Resources & Wellness Centre is a not-for-profit health and wellness organization focussed on helping people live vitally, sustainably and with dignity. Our programs are tailored to meet each client’s needs, and many times we become their partners in co-managing their health care.

    We believe each person should be the informed keepers of their own health…and we’re here to help them by providing healthcare assistance, access to up-to-date research and connections to medical specialists.

    At Eco-Health Resources & Wellness Centre we understand how the environment affects our physical, emotional and mental health. Our efforts focus on prevention, care management and education.

    *each person’s health situation is different and our best efforts will create different and varying results for each individual.*